May 2, 2015

Life goes by FAST!

So after 3 amazing summers of working out yonder in the beautiful wilderness country of WY overlooking the Teton Mountains and, spending 3 great winters training and apprenticing in my home state of WA working with horses and learning from my great friend Jerry Whitlow, I have now taken on the most amazing adventures of my life. Yes ladies and gents, I have found the one whom my heart desires, the most beautiful southern belle of the great state of GA. She stole my heart, my last name, and even my truck.

The LOVE OF MY LIFE!!! Priscilla! 

Sep 30, 2013

Hay man!

We were making our second hay run over the mountains with a load of a 150 bales of hay on the gooseneck trailer. We were within 45 min of the ranch when both tires blow out on one side of the trailer. Thankfully we were able to bring the truck to quick halt on the side of the road without further harm occurring.

After assessing the damage and making some calls to the ranch the help was on the way……but it was going to take a little bit for the help to get there. so we hung out for a bit… 

-Hangin on the hay-

Every day is an adventure!

Sep 19, 2013

Water Troughing

Here at the ranch Water troughing is something that is done to an individual on their birthday. But since my birthday was way back in March they decided that I still needed to receive the honorable treatment even if it was a few months late. 
You got to love ranch traditions. 

Jul 22, 2013

The BIG Race!

At the end of the week after we wrangle the horses down to the pasture we unsaddle the horses we were riding and turn them out with the rest of the horses. It turned into a little bit of a competition to see whose horse could run the fastest. 

Then we Head back up to the ranch  (o=

Have a Tremendous week and don't forget to hug a horse!!

He paws in the valley.

“Do you give the horse his might? Do you clothe his neck with a mane?
Do you make him leap like the locust? His majestic snorting is terrifying.
He paws in the valley and exults in his strength; he goes out to meet the weapons.
He laughs at fear and is not dismayed; he does not turn back from the sword... 

...Upon him rattle the quiver, the flashing spear, and the javelin.
With fierceness and rage he swallows the ground; he cannot stand still at the sound of the trumpet.
When the trumpet sounds, he says ‘Aha!’ He smells the battle from afar,

the thunder of the captains, and the shouting” 

May 19, 2013

Back at the Ranch

Well guys it's been a bit since I last posted on here. I'm now back at the Heart 6 Ranch starting another summer of working and riding horses! Over the winter I was back in WA state learning more about training horses. I've been ground working and riding horses, taking jumping lessons, learning about horse health and nutrition, giving riding lessons, and learning more about my relationship with God through horses. 

I'm looking forward to working these guys this summer.

We have about 90 horses and 8 mules at the ranch this year with 35 of them being new to the bunch. As we get them in I'll post some pix of the new ones! 

Here's to another summer of awesome horses!!

Jan 5, 2013

Heart Six Dude Ranch

I wanted to put an invite out there to any of you that are looking for a summer adventure. If you love the great outdoors and want to get out and see some stunning sights and experience the wild west in something more than a cowboy movie then come on out! 

Come join us at the Heart Six Guest Ranch for a fun filled summer of hard work, exciting adventure, new friends and many memories of a lifetime!